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Book of Angels


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By: Marigold Hunt

Angel stories from the Bible — for kids

Modern believers may be tempted to look upon angels as one of the more fanciful elements of Scripture, but this illuminating and entertaining collection of angel stories from the Bible shows that there are just too many angels for them to be metaphorical, allegorical, or unimportant.

So that children will come to know and learn to revere angels, Marigold Hunt explains what angels are (and are not!) and gathers here in one volume most of the stories of angels in the Bible, including exciting tales of:

The fallen angels, beginning with the devil himself, tempting Adam and Eve

The angels in Jacob’s dream who climbed the stairway to Heaven

The angel Gabriel, who foretold the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist

The choirs of angels who sang above Bethlehem when Jesus was born

Plus many more stories ...

Children will be charmed by these exciting tales.


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