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Break-In at the Basilica


Product Code: BK1169

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Book 2 in the exciting children's series: Adventures with Sister Philomena, Special Agent to the Pope

Luigi, a desperately poor man, breaks into the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi, Italy, to steal something of great value. He hides behind the wooden choir stalls and waits for nightfall. The howl of a wolf breaks the quiet of the night and a burst of warm air sends chills down his spine. Thus begins another Adventure with Sister Philomena, Special Agent for the Pope. Eager to assist their aunt and find clues, Sister Philomena's neice and nephew explore the basilica, study its frescos, sneak into the tomb of Saint Francis, wander through the hill town of Assisi, and end up in the little church of San Damiano. Every once in a while they spot a wolf or hear its howl or feel its presence. Is it real or a spirit? Good or evil? What is it trying to tell them? Woven into this great tale of adventure are the personal stories of Saint Francis and Saint Clare and the sights and sounds of Assisi. Ages 8-12.


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