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Of All That Is Seen and Unseen by Gerard Verschuuren


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Author - Gerard M.Verschuuren


"I find this book concise, coherent, courageous, challenging, and very Catholic. It will offer food for thought and fuel or discussions."
-Fr. Marcel Chappin, S.J. Professor at the Theology Department
Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome

"If you constantly find yourself in conversation about the Catholic Faith with skeptics, doubters and seekers, this is the book for you. Dr. Verschuuren does not leave anything out. Every argument or question that anyone has ever heard about the relationships between faith and reason, and religion and science is addressed in this book. If you've ever questioned evolution or creationism; if you've ever wondered whether faith can be rational or whether morality can be rational; if you are a scientist, a philosopher, seeker of truth, this book is definitely for you! Read it, share it, discuss it, and use it in small group sessions or for large seminars, as part of your catechism or RCIA, in your science or religion classroom or for your new evangelization strategy. It is probably the most complete Catholic/Science apologetics book that has ever seen written. "
-Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann
Producer Salt + Light TV, Canada

"With a trained scientist's attention to detail and precision, Gerard Verschuuren answers with aplomb, clarity, and conviction a variety of scientific and philosophical questions about God, science, and Christianity. Taking into account the riches of Sacred Scripture, the wisdom of the Church Fathers and popes, and the perennial philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, this book provides an impressive array of lucid and compelling answers to many of today's most-asked Big Questions. "
-Patrick Madrid
Adjunct professor of Theology at Franciscan
University of Steubenville

In his January 24, 2012 letter, entitled "Silence and Word: Path of Evangelization," Pope Benedict XVI expressed his deep concern for the new evangelization efforts of the Catholic Church. He wrote: “faith is in danger of being put out, as a flame that finds no more fuel. We find ourselves before a profound crisis of faith, before a loss of the religious sense, that is the greatest challenge for today’s Church.”
It is my intense hope that this book may provide some fuel for the dwindling flame of our faith. That’s why this book was especially written for Catholics in search of the truth, as it gives life-saving answers to life-size questions. It belongs basically to the genre of apologetics and evangelization, thoroughly rooted in the Catholic tradition, with a mild philosophical touch based on the tradition of St. Thomas Aquinas.
Because this book has basically a format of question-and-answer, the text is most engaging to the reader. Each chapter can be read independently and can be used as an outline for discussions and seminars. It would be a perfect tool for the new evangelization.


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