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Ordinary Suffering of Extraordinary Saints


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Do you know which saint... suffered the death of a child? Divorced and remarried without an annulment? Lived with a lover? Had an illegitimate child? Was a compulsive gambler? Suffered from mental illness? Was an alcoholic? Contemplated suicide? Was betrayed by a friend?

Ordinary Suffering of Extraordinary Saints reveals these and dozens of other heart-touching stories behind the popular biographies of the saints. Here you'll find real men and women facing very real sufferings: addiction, illness, grief, divorce, disability, unemployment, loneliness, poverty, and discrimination.

By using the saints' own words as often as possible, Vincent J. O'Malley, C.M., discloses the seldom discussed temptations, failures, and sorrows of more than one hundred saints. These extraordinary men and women - from Augustine and Maximilian Kolbe to Clare of Assisi and Therese of Lisieux - became saints despite the suffering in their lives. By their response to sorrow and suffering, they grew profoundly more human and more Christ-like.


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