The Father of the Little Flower

The Father of the Little Flower

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Louis Martin was the pattern of Fatherhood on which St. Therese built her now-famous "Little Way of Spiritual Childhood". Louis was declared Venerable by the Church in 1994 and Canonized in 2015, along with his wife, Zelie, because of his "heroic virtue."

What kind of a father was he? These reminiscences by his daughter, Celine, describe Louis Martin's marriage at age 34, his love and support for Zelie, his firm discipline yet tender affection for his children, his piety, observance of Sunday, business practices, selfless conduct, and generosity to the poor. Celine gives particular attention to the sufferings of her father's old age, foreseen in a vision by Therese, which included a period of time spent in a mental institution. She describes his beautiful death, as well as a sign received by Therese indicating that their father's soul had gone straight to Heaven.


152 pages. Paperback.

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