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Rediscovering Catholicism


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At a time when many Catholics are disillusioned, questioning their faith, and filled with doubts about the relevance of Catholicism in the modern world, the voice of one young man cries out with a clarity and inspiration to the world's largest faith community.

Beginning with our common yearning for happiness, Rediscovering Catholicism, takes us on an adventure of life-changing proportions by addressing some of the most important questions we face today both as individuals and as a Church.

Are you happy?
Do you really think you will find happiness where you are presently searching?
Are you living an authentic life?
Does your life lack meaning?
Why are so many people experiencing depression today?
What are your habits?
How would you like your life to change?
What does God want?
Is Jesus still relevant?
Why are young people rejecting Catholicism?
Can the ancient traditions of Catholic spirituality help us to deal with the challenges of our modern lives?
Why is the perception of Catholicism so negative?
Do the saints have anything to offer?
Is it time for the Church to change?

In each generation a leader comes forth who is able to bring Christianity to life in a way that revitalizes individuals, communities, and the universal Church. One you experience his bold, brilliant, practical, and inspiring style, you will soon understand why so many people consider Matthew Kelly to be one of the great spiritual voices of our times.

Over the past ten years, Matthew Kelly has seen more of the world than most presidents and more of the Church than most bishops. Now, in this unique and timely book, he proposes that Catholicism is not a lifeless set of rules and regulations, but a way of life designed by God to help each person reach his or her full potential. With remarkable insight, Kelly dispels dozens of the myths that surround the practice and rejection of Catholicism today, and provides a profound and practical vision of what will lead the Catholic Church to thrive again in the future.

"Holiness is to become the-best-version-of-yourself. Francis of Assisi spent his whole life trying to become the best-version-of-himself. Mother Teresa spent her whole life trying to become the-best-version-of-herself. God calls us all to holiness, because God wants each of us to be all we can be."

"The goal of the Christian life is holiness," Kelly explains, "but somewhere along the way this term disappeared from most Catholic's vocabulary. Either because we thought it was an unattainable ideal or because we felt it lacked relevance in the modern context. Maybe we thought the idea of holiness made people feel guilty. Perhaps we just wanted to make it easier for people. Whatever the reason, the disappearance of this goal hasn't made it easier for modern Catholics; it's made it harder for them."

Have you ever tried to find your way to a place you have never been before with no directions, no map, and no clear description of the destination?

"The great confusion that is torturing the Church and weakening our faith surrounds one question. What is holiness? The falling attendance at church, the marginalization of the Church by our secular culture, and our failure to reach the youth are all caused by our inability to communicate clearly the answer to this question. What is holiness?"

"Modern men and women have simply become disoriented. We have lost our way. By putting aside the goal of the Christian life - this call to holiness - we have lost sight of the great Spiritual North Star. The North Star is the only star in the sky that never moves; it remains constant, unwavering, and therefore is truly a guide. If we are to find our way, we must rediscover the great Spiritual North Star."


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