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St. Philomena


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by: Sister Marie Helene Mohr, S.C.

St. Philomena's story is unique in the annals of the saints. For here is a story of a virgin and martyr of the Roman era who had remained for centuries unknown to history. Only upon disinterment of her bones in 1802 did the Catholic world start to learn about her. Then, with the transfer of her relics to a shrine at Mugnano, Italy (near Naples), graces, favors, and miracles through her intercession began to abound. Thus did the popularity of this "unknown saint" begin to spread worldwide - with such incredible rapidity and success that in 35 years the Pope (Gregory XVI) namesd her the "Wonderworker of the 19th Century" officially approved her cultus and raised her to the altar. Thereafter St. Philomena's popularity increased and spread worldwide; to all she became known as "Philomena, Powerful with God." 136 pp.


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