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Story of St. Faustina


Product Code: BK1162

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This is the first book on devotion to Divine Mercy that summarizes in simple language the story of Helen Kowalska (Saint Faustina) and the extraordinary message she received from Heaven.

The Story of Saint Faustina is the sotry of a girl who devoted her life to make known a message given to her by God.

A message that clearly tell man that he has to live mercy in this life if he is to obtain it in the next.

A message that tells us that to practice our Christian belief requires more than just lip service to God through prayer.

Our christian belief requires that we proclaim our belief in Christ's Divine Mercy, our prayer must not be just selfish prayer. We must pray for sinners and invite Jesus into their lives, we must help others where we can and get involved in charitable works of mercy.

We must live our lives in the spirit of the Christ, Jesus our Saviour.


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