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The Volumes, As Given to "Anne", A Lay Apostle


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Direction for Our Times

Just released and approved by her Bishop! A fascinating and insightful Series of 8 Volumes. Modern day divine revelations from Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

"My child, I speak today to all souls who have fallen away. It is time to come back to Me now. I call you. You hear my voice and you know it is I, your Jesus Christ, who calls out to you. The fact that you know my voice tells you that you belong to Me. Because you belong to Me, little soul, you must return to me now. I want you to repent of your sins. Call out to Me and I will hear you. I will give you exact direction on how you are to return to the fold. Dear lost one, I have heard the groaning of your soul and I am responding to your pain."

Jesus, July 17, 2003


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