The Jesus Story Bead Bracelet

The Jesus Story Bead Bracelet

Product Code: JW1045
  • $8.95

Comes with a tri-fold card with the story below in multiple different languages.

This bracelet tells the story about someone who loved us so much, that was capable to give his own life for us.  That is the story about Jesus, the most beautiful story ever told.  This bracelet introduces you to that story.  Once you learn it, you will be able to tell this story to others, using your bracelet.

There was once The Star from the East (star bead)

That led three Wise men (three colored beads)

To the child, to whom they brought presents (silver plated bead)

When he grew up, he became a carpenter (wood bead)

And a fisherman  of people and souls (fish bead)

He had 12 students (12 silver -plated rings)

And preached the word of the truth (white bead)

But one day, darkness of human sin (black bead)

Crucified him (cross bead)

He spilled his own blood (red bead)

To purify us (clear bead)

He is in Heaven now (blue bead)

Sitting on the right of the Father and the Holy Spirit (three pearlescent beads)

And he did it all from love for every single one of us (heart bead)

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