Everything Changes by Marie Bellet

Everything Changes by Marie Bellet

Product Code: CD1179
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This is not "Marriage and Family 101" anymore! A bit further along, these songs reflect the changes that come with launching kids out into the world: letting go, rolling with reality, learning not to take trouble personally and resting in the rhythm of perseverance. Authentic and organic, this collection is an essential companion for those beginning to suspect that, in this grand adventure, everything changes.

List of Songs:

1.This House is the Place to Be
2 Everything Changes
3 It's Nothing Personal
4 The Good, the Beautiful and the True
5 How Do I Look to You?
6 Invisible and Out of Time
7 Quietly
8 Stony Lonesome
9 Light in the Darkness
10 Nothing to Say
11 Don't Go There
12 Tomorrow is Another Day
13 Father Please Forgive Us
14 Carry On

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