A Year with the Eucharist

A Year with the Eucharist

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Dominican Father Paul Jerome Keller contributes a magnificent addition to TAN Books’ “Year with” series.

A Year with the Eucharist offers daily meditation drawn from the riches of Catholic tradition, both ancient and modern, and features passages from the Bible, and the best that has been written about the Eucharist by saints, popes, poets, and other authors.

This beautiful devotional will help you arrive at a deeper knowledge of and love for the Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. It will enhance your time at Adoration…or encourage you to recommit spending time with Christ.

Its profound passages from the saints and Scripture, coupled with Father Keller’s commentary, explain the meaning of the Sacrament. They are an unfailing guide as you strive to make the Body and Blood of Christ a part of your daily life (even when you can’t attend Mass!).

A Year with the Eucharist offers a new meditation for each day of the year regardless when the reader begins or pauses or resumes the book. In addition to the daily meditation, reflection questions and a closing prayer offers a starting point for the reader’s own personal prayer.

Join Father Keller and the greatest Catholic writers of all time for a daily meditation on the “source and summit” of the Christian life!

388 pages.

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