Aim Higher: Spiritual and Marian Reflections of St. Maximilian Kolbe

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The wisdom of the 
"patron of our difficult century"
When you are preparing to read about the Immaculata,
do not forget you are entering into contact with a living
being. She will reveal herself through the sentences and
suggest thoughts and convictions of which the author
probably did not think.
uch are the intimate rewards of reading Marian the-
ology with an attitude of faith-filled expectancy,
wrote St. Maximilian Kolbe. How much more will
a reader encounter Mary by pondering the thoughts of
Kolbe himself, the great 20th century priest, publisher,
theologian and martyr of charity. May this be your
experience with Aim Higher!, a collection of spiritual
insights by the saint Pope Paul VI called "clairvoyant"
in his anticipation of the Marian theology of the Second
Vatican Council.
An entire section of Aim Higher! is devoted to the
interior development of religious. In this hyper-secu-
larized age when priests and religious are pressured to
adopt attitudes contrary to ones authentically Catholic
and Christian, Aim Higher!could become an invaluable
gift for a seminarian, sister or parish priest you may
know and care about.
Enjoy the clear-sighted wisdom of the "patron of
our difficult century" as Pope John Paul Il proclaimed
Kolbe. And don't be afraid to aim higher!

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