Alma Mater featuring the Voice of Pope Benedict XVI

Alma Mater featuring the Voice of Pope Benedict XVI

Product Code: CD1087
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This unique and amazing new recording features Pope Benedict singing or reciting hymns and prayers to Our Lady accompanied byThe Vatican Choir. His Holiness uses several languages in thisrecording including Latin, Italian, French, all recorded at St.Peter's Basilica or during his Papal trips abroad. The album alsofeatures classical music by an international group of composersperformed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at London'sAbbey Road studios. Hymns include Regina Coeli, Mater Ecclesiae, Sancta Dei Genitrix, Benedicta Tu, Advocata Nostra and more.

" I am convinced that music really is the universal language of beauty which can bring together all people of good will on earth"
- Pope Benedict XVI

Track Listing

1. Sancta Dei Genitrix
2. Mater Ecclesiae
3. Advocata Nostra
4. Benedicta Tu
5. Causa Nostrae Letitiae
6. Auxilium Cristianorum
7. Regina Coeli
8. Magistra Nostra


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