Annulment: 100 Questions and Answers for Catholics

Annulment: 100 Questions and Answers for Catholics

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Catholics considering annulment often find themselves with more questions than answers, uncertain how to proceed.

Aren't annulments just Catholic divorce?
Do I need to hire a lawyer?
How much does the process cost?
If the Church annuls my marriage, do my children become illegitimate?
How do psychological grounds affect a person's ability to validly contract marriage?

Canon lawyers Pete Vere and Jacqui Rapp answer these and many other questions in everyday language free from legal jargon. They make the annulment process less intimidating and open the door to healing for all those affected, including friends and family members who want to offer informed support during a difficult time.
PETE VERE, J.C.L., is a canon lawyer, author, journalist and professor of canon law and catechesis. He writes for a number of Catholic and secular publications, works as an independent canonical consultant for several dioceses and teaches at Catholic Distance University. He obtained his license in canon law from Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. Pete, his wife, Sonya, and their four children live in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. He is coauthor, with Michael Trueman, of Surprised by Canon Law: 150 Questions Catholics Ask About Canon Law and Surprised by Canon Law, Volume 2.

JACQUI RAPP, J.D., J.C.L., is a wife, mother and canon lawyer. She is currently an independent canonical consultant and is an Assessor, Judge and Defender of the Bond for several U.S. dioceses. Author of numerous articles in both print and online magazines, she gives talks on marriage and nullity, and works with engaged couples in her parish. Jacqui, with her husband, Keith, and their daughters, Alexandra and Sabina, are members of the Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi in Louisville, Kentucky.

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