Catholic and Christian for Young Adults

Catholic and Christian for Young Adults

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Young adults will find clear answers to their questions about the faith in this guide to Catholic belief. Starting with the most essential question Is there a God? Alan Schreck offers user-friendly answers designed to lead the reader to a deeper understanding of Catholic essentials. Along the way, he considers such topics as:

  • How can a loving God allow evil to exist? 
  • What is salvation? Can we lose it? 
  • Where do Catholic beliefs come from? 
  • Do we need the Church? 
  • Is the Eucharist really Jesus body, blood, soul and divinity? 
  • Why do Catholics have to attend Mass every Sunday? 
  • Can the saints in heaven help those of us on earth? 
  • Do Catholics worship Mary? 
  • What will heaven be like? What is purgatory? 
  • What will happen at the end of human history?

Catholic and Christian for Young Adults is a lively treatment of Catholic essentials in an engaging question-and-answer format.

181 pages. Paperback.

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