Children, Help My Heart to Triumph!

Children, Help My Heart to Triumph!

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This children's book is best for ages 8-15. It teaches children how to pray the rosary and the beauty and importance of offering a novena for themselves, their family, their friends, or even strangers.

This beautifully illustrated book comes with a coloring book that can be sent to a shrine of Our Lady for her intercession.

At the height of the Bosnian War, Sister Emmanuel remained in Medjugorje with a few members of her community. During that time, memories of her father, a Prisoner of War during WWII, continually surfaced. Remembering how much he suffered, she felt a need to do something to spiritually help those on the front lines. Sister Emmanuel describes a call that she received at that time to appeal to the children for their sacrifices in order to alleviate the war. Children, Help My Heart To Triumph was written in response to that call. It describes for children how to make a 9-day novena of little sacrifices. Included is a coloring book that they can color and mail to Medjugorje where they will be presented at one of Our Lady's apparitions.

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