Coping with Loss

Coping with Loss

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By: Carol Luebering

“You may have heard people talk about the ‘stages’ of grief. But these periods of intense emotional impact do not follow each other in tidy progression; they have no predictable season like hurricanes or droughts. Every time you think you have one season behind you, you suddenly find yourself back in it. The stages can be defined by certain characteristics just as Nature’s storms can, for they are no more alike than a hurricane is like a heat wave. This book is divided into sections that offer suggestions for prayer in different types of storm: denial, sorrow, anger, sadness, guilt and depression…. The final section looks ahead in prayer to the end of grief’s season, to the acceptance that often feels so impossibly far away.”—From the Introduction

Carol Luebering offers sage advice for anyone suffering from the intense grief brought on by the loss of loved one. Although not a clinical expert, the author has been taught extensively at the “school of experience” and understands intimately the turbulent and often unpredictable nature and depths of grief. She offers practical and spiritual advice when we seek solace, peace and relief from the darkness that envelops us during the many stages of grief.

84 pages. Paperback.

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