Direction for Our Times Vol. 9 CD: Angels

Direction for Our Times Vol. 9 CD: Angels

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This one CD audiobook contains all the messages from Volume Nine: Angels, professionally recorded and accompanied by beautiful background music. This is a wonderful way to immerse yourselves in these messages from heaven. Listen to them at home, in your car, anywhere. These will be an especially welcome gift to the visually impaired.

In this Volume, Jesus and Our Blessed Mother explain that angels surround us and are eagerly waiting for us to call on them for assistance.

"How many times have you said that this one or that one was a life saver to you? Do you think that this happened accidentally? Hardly, little ones. I sent that soul into your life to assist you and that soul was inspired by the promptings of the little servants of light who surround you." -Jesus, August 26, 2004

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