Doing the Right Thing at Work

Doing the Right Thing at Work

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"The desire to do the right thing is universal. It dominates whatever a person's worldview, governing philosophy, or religious tradition might be. Certainly people can be just, kind, good whether they adhere to a particular religious faith or none at all. Because I have found such guidance, stimulus and nourishment in the Christian gospel and the Catholic faith community, in gratitude, I draw upon those resources for this book."—from the Introduction

Doing the right thing at work isn't always easy, but James Nolan helps the Catholic layperson succeed in doing so everyday. His five-point program identifies and helps us better understand what drives people in the workplace and what motivates a person to do the right thing. Nolan calls on readers to examine their own level of self-awareness, to expand their horizons, engage with others, build community and finally to incorporate prayer into one's daily life and in the workplace. Drawn from his years of experience at the Woodstock Business Conference, Doing the Right Thing at Work outlines ways for people of all professions to perform in the workplace without losing or displacing their spiritual center.

"…an outstanding job of showing how Christian values can provide the moral compass for 'doing the right thing' for those called to the vocation of business. Nolan makes a unique and significant contribution in an era of both unprecedented ethical breaches, and an increasing search by many for meaning in their personal and professional lives."—Michael J. Fischer, Ph.D., C.P.A., dean of school of business and of graduate studies, St. Bonaventure University

143 pages. Paperback.

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