From Blessing to Blessing

From Blessing to Blessing

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By Sean Innerst

For the majority of Catholics, reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church can be an intimidating experience. Few would consider using it as a devotional help or even as a practical guidebook to their Catholic faith. But, with the right tools, the Catechism can be easily navigated and deeply enriching.

In From Blessing to Blessing: The Catechism as a Journey of Faith, Dr. Sean Innerst presents the purpose, structure, and themes of the Catechism, and thus helps unfold its truths for the reader. We learn that the Catechism does not simply inform us about Church doctrine, it takes us deeper; it seeks to form us as Catholics, helping us grow in our relationship with God and our knowledge of his truth. Here, the Catechism is approached as a journey, the Christian journey of faith.

From Blessing to Blessing seeks to:

  • Enable individual study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Support RCIA and other adult faith formation programs
  • Supplement diaconate and seminary training
  • Provide a basic foundation for the Pillars: A Journey through the Catechism study program

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