Gift of Finest Wheat by Thomas Jones

Gift of Finest Wheat by Thomas Jones

Product Code: CD1027
  • $17.99

"Gift of Finest Wheat" is a CD of Thomas' piano renditions of familiar and beloved songs, old and new, that center around the theme of the Eucharist.

List of Songs:

1 Taizé – Jesus, Remember Me

2 Gift of Finest Wheat

3 Come With Me Into the Fields

4 We Have Been Told

5 Jesus My Lord, My God, My All

6 Panis Angelicus

7 Seed, Scattered and Sown

8 Bread of Life

9 Dwelling Place

10 I Am the Bread of Life

11 Lord, Who at Thy First Eucharist

12 O Sacrament Most Holy

13 We Are Many Parts

14 O Lord I Am Not Worthy

15 O Salutaris Hostia

16 One Bread, One Body

17 Service

18 Tantum Ergo

19 Taizé – Jesus, Remember Me (Reprise)

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