Hearing the Voice of God

Hearing the Voice of God

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Fr. Joe Kempf says he has learned that "God is omni-lingual" - meaning God speaks your language!
In practical application, this means that wherever you come from, whoever you are, and whenever you pray, God hears you and speaks uniquely and distinctly to you.

The question is: how can you open your heart and find the stillness to hear His voice? And how do YOU recognize God?

Through this CD of guided reflections and prayers, you will deepen your ability to become aware of God, praying in the language of your heart, and hearing God's voice as He speaks directly to you. From his own life, his study of the disciplines of prayer, and his pastoral experiences, Fr. Joe Kempf has created reflections geared for adults at any age or stage of life. This is an excellent tool for individuals or adult study groups. Each of the reflections includes an invitation to pause and respond to two questions in the beautiful companion book. You can come back to each prayer again and again, to open your awareness of God's voice, and experience His peace long after the reflection is over.

Fr. Kempf invites you to enter into prayer with him in Hearing the Voice of God: Reflections for Prayer and Perspective with Fr. Joe Kempf

32 pages. Paperback.

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