Heaven Speaks to Those Away From the Church

Heaven Speaks to Those Away From the Church

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This booklet contains messages from Jesus, Saint Monica, and the Blessed Mother. Within this booklet is a beautiful invitation from Heaven to those who are away from the Church.

"I call out to those who have left My Church. Come back, I say. Return to the safety of the sacramental walk. It will be best for you and I want only what is best for you. Be assured of My welcome. Be assured that I want your return. Do not think that you are unwelcome in your faith. How could this be when I, Jesus Christ, personally call out to you?" - Jesus, December 9, 2006

"The words and graces in this work are a gift to you, personally. If you choose not to accept this gift, that is your decision. I want you to accept the gift of these graces because with them you will find greater peace." - Saint Monica, December 11, 2006

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