How to Grow in Faith

How to Grow in Faith

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How to Grow in Faith challenges Catholics of all ages, especially young people, to ask questions, search for answers together, and discover how God loves each of them very deeply.

Using Tweeting with GOD and Online with Saints as a basis, this book comprises a full, interactive catechetical program for participants, including online material, videos, mobile apps, social media, and assorted activities. Those engaged in youth, young adult, and adult ministries will find this to be a valuable resource, which can be used in religious education, sacrament preparation, RCIA, and marriage preparation. The program is versatile enough to be utilized by people who are completely new to the Faith as well as those searching to deepen their understanding.

The personalized program consists of eighteen meetings and can be spread over the course of months and even years. Each meeting begins with a question that helps participants to explore their faith through interactive exercises and profound dialogue. Participants grow together while searching for answers that reveal the truth about life, love, and faith.


Father Michel Remery is a Catholic priest, founder of Tweeting with GOD, and author of several books, including Online with Saints. He studied architecture (1992–96) and worked for the Dutch Royal Air Force and as a consulting engineer before studying philosophy and theology in Rome (1999–2006). His Ph.D. dissertation was on the relationship between liturgy and architecture. As a priest, he has worked especially with young people and students. He served as Vice Secretary General of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences (2012–17), overseeing commissions related to social communications, youths, and catechesis. In 2018, he continued his priestly ministry in Luxembourg as national youth chaplain and internationally as director of Tweeting with GOD

216 pages. Paperback.

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