Human Frailty, Divine Redemption

Human Frailty, Divine Redemption

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Do you desire deeper communication with God? In Human Frailty, Divine Redemption: the Theology and Practice of the Examen, Marko Rupnik explains how the Ignatian practice of the examen leads us to listen to the Spirit. Taking a fresh look at the daily examination of conscience as a spiritual art of prayer and discernment, he explores some of the theological truths that are the basis for this prayer: our call to union with Christ; the place of memory in life-giving relationships; the effect of sin and sinfulness on relationships; the power of the redemption in our life; union with the three Persons of the Trinity; and our need to discover that we are loved.

In the second section, Rupnik describes this examination of conscience as listening to our heart, as a conversation with God, and as contemplation. He explains the multiple benefits of this prayer for growing in self-knowledge, in relationship with God, and in discernment. The examen is an irreplaceable means to nurture a deeper spiritual life and to grow in virtue. It helps us to become aware of how the life and love of God dwell within us. This section ends by describing the particular examination and its benefits.

The third section suggests a method for making the examen. Rupnik concludes this insightful and inspiring book by addressing the situation of those who have not had a living experience of God and wisely guides them in this prayer.

87 pages. Paperback.

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