"I'm Not Being Fed": Discovering the Food that Satisfies the Soul

"I'm Not Being Fed": Discovering the Food that Satisfies the Soul

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In “I’m Not Being Fed!” Discovering the Food that Satisfies the Soul, Jeff Cavins explores the reasons why many Catholics do not seem to understand and appreciate the Holy Eucharist—and why some have even left the Church, saying that they simply weren’t being “fed” and that they longed for a more personal, “spiritually nourishing” relationship with Jesus.

In these pages, you will learn:

What Catholics who have left the Church mean when they say they weren’t “being fed”
How to respond to common objections to the Catholic Faith
Why Jesus invites us into a more personal, intimate relationship with him
Why some Catholics don’t feel spiritually satisfied, even if they attend Mass
How to help those who have left the Church embark on their journey home
Focusing on the clear biblical evidence for the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, Cavins points out that it is impossible to read the sixth chapter of John’s Gospel literally without recognizing that the Eucharist is more than just a “symbol” of God’s love. Rather, it is the very heart of Christianity, the only food that truly satisfies our souls.

Here Jeff Cavins succeeds in his quest to help readers understand how the Catholic Church truly feeds people with the Word of God and with the very body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus in the Eucharist. Whether they firmly believe the Church’s teaching on the Eucharist or have serious doubts, Cavins helps Catholics grow in their knowledge and love of the Eucharist and savor the feast Christ Himself sets before them at every Mass.
Fr. Terence Henry, TOR
Chancellor, Franciscan University of Steubenville
By weaving the personal with the historical, Cavins is at his best in describing the spiritual meaning of the Eucharist and in demonstrating the Truth that inheres in Catholicism.
William A. Donohue, Ph.D.
President, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

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