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Are we in a crisis?

A million abortions a year. Skyrocketing divorce. Broken families. Social approval of same-sex lifestyles and the push for same-sex marriage. Economic collapse, unemployment, swelling government debt and deficit spending. Global terrorism.

If you agree that we are in a crisis, then you'll understand why this book is so important.

It is important because in a democratic republic, only an informed and principled citizenry can respond adequately to a crisis.

It is important because committed Christians, with their reason informed and enlightened by faith, with their common motivation ("Love your neighbor as yourself.") and their firm foundation (I am the Truth....And the truth shall set you free.) need to stand together-and act together-in this time of crisis.

It is important because this book enumerates and explains the fundamental principles which we must understand and accept if we are going to make decisions and undertake actions that will lead to the restoration of cultural and economic sanity in this country.

It is important because it is a concrete example-that needs to be set on a lampstand-of how Catholics and Evangelicals can and must work together at this critical moment in our country's history.

Many books have been written on conservative politics. Many more have been written calling Christians to holiness and spiritual renewal. Very few, however, have managed to combine a clear explanation of the conservative political perspective with its corresponding personal and spiritual virtue.

In Indivisible, Jay Richards and James Robison tackle tough moral and political issues facing Christians today, including abortion, stem cell research, marriage, education, economics, health care, the environment, judicial activism, terrorism, free trade and more. Written to appeal to a broad spectrum of believers, Indivisible provides simple, clear arguments that Christians can use to support their beliefs in public settings.

We can restore our culture and revive our economy, but everyone must play a part. Indivisible lays bare what we must know, what we must do, and how we can do it. Before it's too late.

384 pages. Hardcover.

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