John Paul II: The Man, The Pope, and His Message

John Paul II: The Man, The Pope, and His Message

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An in-depth view of John Paul II, the man, the Pope and his message, this Special Edition DVD marks the re-release of a series of documentaries with epic proportions on the life and work of the iconic and history-changing Pope. Through special arrangements with the Vatican, Alberto Michelini, the renowned Italian journalist, produced this series. Timeless footage over the span of five hours delves deeply into the life of Pope John Paul II and the heart of his messages. It features some of the most intimate moments with the Pope ever captured on film, allowing you to enter into an incredible journey of his life and travels-and even into his private life within the Vatican. Come to know this historic man and Pope like never before! A breathtaking journey into the great Pope's work and travels, this series is a "must-have" for anyone desiring to encounter the face of Christ through one of his most powerful messengers. This DVD includes the following languages: English, French, and Spanish

Box with 4 DVDs.

Audio: English, Spanish, French

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