John Paul II & The Meaning of Suffering

John Paul II & The Meaning of Suffering

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Why does a loving God allow us to suffer? Did we do something to deserve our suffering? Does our pain serve any purpose in God's plan?


Suffering doesn't work like we think it should, striking down the wicked and sparing the righteous. And none of us, regardless of our age, I.Q., religion, or wealth, can avoid its sting.

Now, for the first time, the spiritual wisdom of the modern world's most beloved Pope -- and the rich theology of suffering articulated in his apostolic letter, Salvifici Doloris -- is applied to the most pressing challenge of faith -- the problem of suffering.

The world witnessed the dignity and grace that characterized his exterior dealings with pain, now let the Holy Father's words teach you about the interior aspects of suffering: how it can be your own vocation within God's plan of salvation.

While hospitalized in 2003, my daughter read me John Paul II's Salvifici Doloris. Gravitas and meaning hung like ripe fruit weighing down each sentence. Very tasty but so rich. How helpful it would be, I thought, to have a companion volume, a running exposition that would unfold the many strata of meaning that the Holy Father carefully laid down one level on top of another. Rob Schroeder has blessed us with my exact wish. He has a mastery of the text, a friendly and compassionate voice born out of his own suffering and a deep insight which carries us along in easily understood prose. This book beautifully blends exposition and experience. It calls us to an understanding of the Cross which wastes not a moment of our suffering.
Distinguishing between 'suffering for Jesus' from 'suffering with Jesus', Rob equips us to more perfectly embrace the Savior and comfort and console one another.

    196 pages. Paperback.

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