Journey in a Holy Land

Journey in a Holy Land

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Join Basil Pennington as he travels along the coast in Caesarea, in the hill country of Nazareth and Cana, down by the lake in Capernaum and Tabor, through desert shrines such as Jacob's Well and the mystical Qumran, in the holy city of Jerusalem, on Mt. Sinai, and finally, back to the beginnings of the Christian story, to Bethlehem. Readers familiar with the Holy Land---sacred in all three of the world's Abrahamic faiths---will delight in Pennington's apt descriptions and reflections while in familiar places. And Christian readers, in particular, will appreciate an attentive monk's meditations on The Cross, The Tomb, The Upper Room, The Temple, Stations of the Cross, Olivet, Bethany, and The Nativity.

"When Basil would come into a room all eyes would focus on his enormous presence, the gorgeous beard, the overflowing energy, and the sympathy and compassion he offered to everyone. . . . He wanted to fill the world with people who were on the transformative journey into Christ" ---Thomas Keating, from the preface

208 pages. Hardcover.

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