Lessons from the Lives of the Saints

Lessons from the Lives of the Saints

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Take a prayerful walk through the Church’s liturgical calendar with Lessons from the Lives of the Saints. Each day contains a concise biography of these heroic men and women the Church venerates as saints.  Fr. Esper provides a brief overview of each saint’s life and explains simple lessons we can draw from his or her example. This book is a fantastic resource for [the whole family and] our daily spiritual reading and meditation – a helpful guide that teaches us how to apply the saint’s secrets of holiness to our own daily life.

Important life lessons that we can learn from the Saints:

  • How true joy comes not from earthly status, but from following Christ like St. Francis of Assisi
  • How God answers our prayers, but often in a way demanding our patience
  • Like Mary Magdalene, how no one is beyond the power of the grace of God
  • How we can worship God and grow in holiness through both work and prayer, sometimes combined
  • How, through charity and prayer, impossible situations can be transformed and family members converted
  • How Christians may be called upon to endure great sufferings – but if so, God will always sustain us

272 pages. Paperback. 

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