Listening to God with Padre Pio

Listening to God with Padre Pio

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By: Eileen Dunn Bertanzetti

"Send me your guardian angel with any prayer requests you have, and I'll do what I can for you."

In his great love for everyone, St. Padre Pio felt everyone's pain, whether moral, physical, or mental. He wanted to share their pain and help to alleviate it through his intercessory prayers, through his gifts of healing and reading of souls, and through his own endless suffering from the ever-bleeding stigmata.

Bring your sufferings, your pain, and your confusion to St. Padre Pio as you meditate on his writings, experiences, and advice. Through Padre Pio's intercession, God's loving presence will change your life and give you joy, peace, and inner secruity. You will be more accepting of your sufferings, knowing that Jesus suffers right along with you -- and and for you.

112 pages. Hardcover. 

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