Masonry Unmasked

Masonry Unmasked

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A lifelong Catholic, John Salza was initiated into Wisconsin's Masonic Lodge, lured by the group's camaraderie and philanthropies. Yet, as he rose through the ranks, he became increasingly troubled by its dangerous teachings, mysterious rituals, and complete incompatibility with the Catholic Faith.
Now, former Freemason, Shriner, and Lodge Officer John Salza reveals the astounding truths about what's really going on behind the Lodge door. For the first time, get a surprising, inside look at the group's controversial rituals, practices, and philosophies from one of their own -- secrets sworn to be upheld under the threat of death!

Essential for anyone affiliated with or considering the Lodge, their families, and their friends, this eye-opening book presents evidence on:

  • The deception in recruitment, initiation, and covenant oaths
  • The problematic ideology of Freemasonry and relativism
  • How Masonic spiritual beliefs contradict Catholicism in particular -- and Christianity in general
  • Masonic conspiracies in the judicial system, schools, and government
  • And more!

Complete with a discussion of symbolism, relevant Church documents, papal decrees, extensive references, and a comprehensive glossary, Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals the Secrets of the Lodge is the definitive resource for understanding American Freemasonry from a Catholic perspective. Step inside the Masonic temple, and unlock the secrets of the Lodge!

224 pages. Paperback.

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