Our Lady of Liesse

Product Code: ST2061
  • $28.00

Beautifully detailed statue of Our Lady of Liesse, or Our Lady of Joy.  This statue is handcrafted and painted and as a result, fine details may vary. She measures 5-3/4" tall with a 2" wide base. Imported from Columbia and made of plaster.

During the Crusades, the Sultan was trying to convert three imprisoned Knights of St. John to Islam. They were offered lavish gifts and were subjected to torture when they refused to waiver in their faith. The Sultan decided to use his daughter, Princess Ismeria, to coax them. When she tried, they would simply quote scripture to her. They told her about the beauty of the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary and she asked them to create an image so she could see what it looks like. She gave them all the necessary tools and then went away, but they did not know how to create a statue. As the knights slept, an angel came and carved a statue of the Virgin Mary. When Princess Ismeria saw the statue, she immediately converted. She and the Knights escaped. After a long day of travel and a long night's sleep, they awoke in Picardy and were safe from the Sultan. Once they reached the town of Liesse, the statue became so heavy they would not move it, and they knew this is where Our Lady wanted the statue to stay. A church was later built for her, and pilgrims come from all over the world to see the statue. 

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