Pray the Rosary Car Decal

Product Code: KC1009
  • $7.99

Rosary means ‘crown of roses’, and each time you pray the rosary with devotion you crown Our Lady with roses. As a reminder of this, and of Mary’s gentle queenship, the twelve stars in this decal stand for the crown of twelve stars with which she is adorned in Rev 12:1.

“Most worthy of being crowned with a diadem of stars is that august head which, surpassing in splendor all the stars of the firmament, is more an ornament to them than they are to it.”
— Saint Bernard

CatholiCar ShapeCut decals are premium die-cut vinyl decals. Each decal is individually packaged, and simple installation instructions are printed on the packaging.

Decal Size: 4" x 5"

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