Real Women, Real Saints

Real Women, Real Saints

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By: Gina Loehr

"Heaven's doors are wide open and God is doing everything he can to make us all into saints. " -from Chapter Eight

What would it take for you to become a saint? If you're thinking of quiet cloisters and hours in undisturbed prayer, think again. Real women who became real saints run the gamut from quiet to boisterous, single, married, divorced, post-abortive, social activists, hermits, academics, doctors and more. Among these women there is a friend for you, someone even a bit like you.

Sanctity will never fit into a formula, but the women in Real Women, Real Saints have this in common: their deep love for God and the determination to live life in harmony with his will. The brief biographies in this book will help you learn to abandon yourself to God, as these women did, and live a rich, full life in return.

166 pages. Paperback. 

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