Rebuild My Church

Rebuild My Church

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By: Alan Schreck

How can we—as St. Francis and so many of the saints have done—hear and obey God's call to 'Rebuild My Church'? —From chapter seven

Authentic renewal of the Church isn't an issue for the hierarchy alone. Church renewal depends on every Catholic, including you—your personal growth in holiness, your readiness to use the gifts God has given you, your willingness to learn how to discern and support authentic renewal.

In straightforward, engaging language, Dr. Schreck examines the meaning and nature of renewal, the challenges and pitfalls that can divert it, historical examples of renewal, the impact of repentance and prayer, the influence of saints and other notable figures, the role of those in ecclesial office, renewal in the twenty-first century, and more. Informative and inspiring, Rebuild My Church underscores the critical importance of renewal throughout history and equips us to participate in God's plan for the Church in these challenging times.

243 pages. Paperback.

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