Saint Anthony and Saint Jude

Saint Anthony and Saint Jude

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A gift edition of Mitch Finley's collection of true stories of miracles granted and prayers answered.

This book is about belief in the help of the saints. It is about recovering a wider sense of the community of faith, one that includes devotion to saints as heavenly intercessors with God.

Beginning with a brief explanation of the communion of saints, we are then introduced to St. Anthony of Padua and St. Jude and given a history of how devotion to these two saints became popular in the U.S.

St. Jude, the patron of lost causes, and St. Anthony of Padua, the finder of lost objects, are two saints who have attracted popular devotion and who have become fixtures in the pantheon of Catholic saints. This book features a selection of real-life stories garnered from people whose prayers to St. Anthony of Padua and St. Jude have been answered.

176 pages. Paperback.

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