A Scriptural Guide to Mary

A Scriptural Guide to Mary

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The role of Mary has often been misunderstood and confused by Catholics and Protestants alike. The goal of A Scriptural Guide to Mary is to open the reader's mind to understanding Mary through her role as the New Eve, The Ark of the Covenant, the Immaculate Heart pierced by the sword of sorrow (Lk. 2:35) at the foot of the cross, the Queen Mother, and the Women Clothed with the Sun in Revelations 12. These are just a few of the keys to the role of Mary in scripture that will be explained in this book, and recognizing them makes all the difference 

From the cross to the sun, Mary was the handmaid who would be Queen, the supreme Saint of Saints who reigns to serve. Suffering in silence her sacrifice was to watch the redemption of the world, and to feel it like no one else. Clothed in sorrow at the foot of the cross, she was destined by God to be clothed with the sun in heaven. The face filled with tears on earth would be crowned with stars in heaven.

If we seek to be beloved disciples, like St. John, leaning on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, faithful at the foot of the cross and standing next to Mary, then let us take her into our home as he did. With Mary as part of our spiritual home, Jesus will be presented and honored properly.

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