Songs of Love & Inspiration by David Parkes

Songs of Love & Inspiration by David Parkes

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David Parkes is well known as a Christian recording artist. So why did he record an album of modern ballads and love songs? "I suppose, to be honest," he says, "to prove to people that one can also be inspired by some of today's songs." Before he dedicated himself to spreading the message of God's infinite love and mercy, David was a successful professional entertainer. He often observed how moved his audience was by some of these beautiful love songs. He recognized that this was a way to reach those who ordinarily would not listen to strictly Christian music. When heard from this point of view, the words of the songs take on an entirely new meaning.

Track List:
1. The Wind Beneath My Wings
2. Love Will Find A Way
3. All That You Can Be
4. If I Ever Needed You
5. God's Way
6. Mandy 7. I Care
8. Let Me Try Again
9. Sometimes When We Touch
10. She Believes In Me
11. Love
12. Everything I Do (I Do It For You) - mp3

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