St. Benedict Sterling Silver Oval Medal

St. Benedict Sterling Silver Oval Medal

Product Code: ME1110
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Oval sterling silver medal of Saint Benedict, patron saint of monks and those suffering from poison. Medal measures 3/4" by 1/2". Comes on an endless 24" stainless steel chain.

Filial trust in St. Benedict:
Oh, Holy Blessed father, aid to those who beseech you: take me in your protection; defend me from all temptations in my life; have the mercy of heart compunction and of the true conversion on me, to make amends for all sins committed, to praise and glorify God all my life long. Man after God's heart, remember me in front of the Almighty, once forgiven for my sins, for he makes me firm in Good, he does not allow me to depart from Him, he welcomes me in the choir of the elect, together with you, and the Saints who followed you in the eternal Blessing.

O Mighty and eternal God, for the merits and example of St. Benedict, of the daughter, the Virgin Scolastica, and of all the holy monks restore in me your Holy Spirit; give me the strength in the fight against the temptations of evil, patience in life's tribulations, prudence in dangers. Increase in me the love for chastity, the longing for poverty, eagerness for obedience, the humble faith in the compliance with Christian life.

Comforted by you and backed up by the charity of the brothers, may I serve you happily and reach, as a winner all Saints.

For Christ our Lord.

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