St. Joseph: His Life and His Role in the Church Today

St. Joseph: His Life and His Role in the Church Today

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Using the Fathers and doctors of the Church, classical as well as contemporary theologians and scripture scholars, papal documents and spiritual writers, and drawing examples from everyday life, Louise Perrotta has woven together the most interesting tapestry of St. Joseph I have ever seen.” - Father Benedict Joseph Groeschel, C.F.R.


What can you say about a man who is mentioned only a handful of times in Scripture and then only as a supporting actor in the drama featuring Jesus and Mary?

Much more than myth and legend would have you believe.

Now, the real Joseph of Nazareth emerges from behind the fanciful tales that have dominated many earlier works. This is not a pallid icon gazing at a lily, but a rugged, flesh-and-blood contractor deeply in love with his wife, passionately devoted to his son, skilled at his work, and completely dedicated to God's will.

In these pages you will encounter a man who struggled with the ordinary, but was chosen to celebrate the extraordinary.

A man called to live hidden in a tiny village so that God's glory might be revealed to the entire world.

A man who never spoke a recorded word, but through whose life the Word of God resonates around the world.

Here you will meet an ideal role model for living a devout Christian life; a saint to whom you can turn for guidance in everything from parenthood to a happy death.

Here you will meet the real St. Joseph.

Paperback, 239 pages.

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