St. Juan Diego

Product Code: ST2065
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Beautifully detailed statue of Saint Juan Diego.  This statue is hand crafted and painted and as a result, fine details may vary.  He measures approximately 9" tall with a 3-3/4"  base.  Imported from Columbia, made from plaster.


Saint Juan Diego and his wife were among the first indigenous people to convert to Christianity in Mexico. He was first visited by Mary, who asked him to have the bishop build a shrine to her on Tepeyac Hill. When Juan Diego told the bishop, he did not believe him and asked for proof. While searching for a priest to administer last rites to his uncle, he was visited by Mary again and she told him to gather roses and take them to the bishop as a sign. He did as he was told, and found many roses on the hill, although it was winter. When he opened his cloak to the bishop, the roses fell out and an image of Our Lady was visible. The bishop ordered the church to be built and Juan Diego returned home and found his uncle's health restored. Juan Diego lived in a hut next to the church and took care of pilgrims who came to see the shrine. 

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