Stories of the Saints

Stories of the Saints

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For each saint, Joyce Denham gives a short historical introduction, and then retells one significant episode in their life, shining a light on the work and wisdom for which they were most loved and remembered. Where appropriate, she also includes a saying or prayer attributed to him or her.

Fourteen saints are profiled, in accessible language for children. From the Bible: The Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, Peter, Mary Magdelene, Stephen, and Paul. From Christian history—3rd to 14th centuries: Lawrence (Italy), Martin of Tours (France), Genevieve (France), Columba (Ireland/Scotland), Bathild (England/France), Francis of Assisi, Elizabeth of Portugal, and Bridget (Sweden). 

The book ends with short sections of additional information about each saint, including dates of their feast days.

An ideal resource for educators, parents, Sunday school teachers, librarians, and everyone who cares about communicating the history and spirit of the saints to today’s elementary school-age children. 

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