Strength of a Woman: Forgotten Heroines of the Bible

Strength of a Woman: Forgotten Heroines of the Bible

Product Code: BK1746
  • $14.95

By: Amy LeBlanc

Our world hungers for heroes, and while this is true for men, it is especially true for women, particularly young women and teenagers. Think about it: We can easily rattle off the names of male heroes Washington, Lincoln, Patton, Padre Pio.... Women, though, we have to think about, and then we have to often use their first and last names: Betsy Ross, Molly Pitcher, Mother Teresa. To address this problem comes this compilation of wonderfully told stories of heroic female figures from the Old and New Testaments, women who don t need last names, because their example still cries out to us down through the ages: Judith, Hannah, Esther, Susanna, Our Lady, and so many more. Each woman retells her own story of faith in God and love for Him. Every tale starts with a relevant Scripture quotation. Ladies, search for authentic heroines no longer. You have found them. They are here.

146 pages. Paperback.

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