Suspended in Mystery

Suspended in Mystery

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Suspended in Mystery will benefit those who desire to understand the Eucharist with fresh eyes, as Jesus Christ, the one who lived for us and died for us, too. His personhood emanates out from the Eucharist, in a sense, the same way as it did to the first apostles. 
The concept of Our Lady's Paradise of Gratitude, all by itself, can alter the way we view our life. The role of Mothers of the Church gives insight into both contemporary maternity and also the role of women in society and in our future expression of Church.
Broken down into eight parts, this book is filled with writings that are rich and challenge us to develop more deeply into God's truths.
  • Part One: Visions of Heaven
  • Part Two: Jesus in the Eucharist
  • Part Three: Mothers of the Church
  • Part Four: A Paradise of Gratitude
  • Part Five: Studying the Passion
  • Part Six: In the Gaze of His Mother
  • Part Seven: The Church Locutions
  • Part Eight: The Lay Apostle Way
"If our eternal self is a point of energy, a DNA strand that makes us eternally unique, then that is what comes into us through the Eucharist and that is what we intuitively recognize as pure. The hope of transformation is what simultaneously humbles us and gives us hope. So, let us understand that the frequency or vibration of Christ is unique. Over time, if we receive the Eucharist frequently or at least regularly, the hope is that we come more and more to exist on that same frequency as Christ, or at the very least, come to understand more where we are different from Jesus and thus where we need to change. What is it in us that does not resonate with the perfection of Jesus Christ? He, himself reveals that to us if we receive him regularly." -Excerpt from Part Two: Jesus in the Eucharist

"God wants to illuminate greater truth about Mary. Mary is going to become more prominent and initiate a lot of development in the Church and in the world. She has been given power by the Father to act with a magnetic force which will draw many, many people into awareness of God. We must facilitate her by beginning an assembly of women called Mothers of the Church. What this means is that as we approach Christ we are moving through Mary whether we are aware of it or not. To reject this is like asserting “I am not going across the stream, I’m simply crossing the bridge.” This bridge goes right over the stream so one is, in fact, crossing the stream by crossing the bridge." - Excerpt from Part Three: Mothers of the Church

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