Take Five: On-the-Job Meditations with St. Ignatius

Take Five: On-the-Job Meditations with St. Ignatius

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Build your career while you build your faith by discovering the balance and insight of one of history's greatest workers, St. Ignatius. The sixteenth-century founder of the Jesuits was especially good at seeing the supernatural dimension of the most mundane tasks, and his very practical methods of bringing Christ into the workday translate easily into our dot com world. Literally designed and written to be used in short breaks from work, there are three prompts following each meditation to help you apply St. Ignatius's teaching to interpersonal issues, stress, office politics, goal setting, moral issues, and more:

Think About It- Makes the connection between the teaching and everyday work issues

Go There-Helps you vividly imagine the scene in the Gospel story and ties it to the issue at hand.

Remember-Gives you a single sentence or phrase you can easily learn by heart to help you through the issue.

Americans spend the bulk of their lives at work. How will your investment and activity at work serve the Lord?


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