The Holy House of Loreto

The Holy House of Loreto

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By: Rev. G. E. Phillips

This history of the Holy House of Loreto is the most decisive work in English defending the authenticity of this most hallowed shrine in all Christendom. Our Lady’s Holy House at Nazareth was taken by angels to Dalmatia (Croatia) in 1291 to prevent its desecration by the infidels. Three years later it took flight again to rest in Loreto, Italy, where it remains. Rev. Phillips provides the facts, and excitement behind the story. Many cures, apparitions, and miraculous conversions, have happened within the limestone walls of the Santa Casa.

Table of Contents

A Catholic’s Attitude with reference to Loreto    
What the Pilgrim to Loreto Sees    
The Holy House before the Time of its Translation    
The Holy House Removed into Illyria    
The Holy House Translated to Loreto    
The Historians Angelita and Riera — The Hermit and the Sixteen Envoys    
First Additions to the Holy House — The Ghibelline Violators of Our Lady’s “Cona” (cuna)   
The First Church Built over the Holy House — Popes Pius II and Paul II at Loreto — The Basilica Erected    
Il Teramano and Blessed Baptist of Mantua    
Alterations Made by Clement VII — Absence of Foundations — Discovery of These at Nazareth    
The Materials of Which the Holy House is Built    
Papal Utterances with Reference to Loreto    
Devotion of the Saints to Loreto  — Pilgrimages to it from Tersatto    
Some Objections Answered    
End Notes   

160 pages. Paperback.

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