The Ways of God for Meditation and Prayer

The Ways of God for Meditation and Prayer

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By: St. Thomas Aquinas

Improve your own spiritual life by carrying this pocket edition of his meditations where ever you go. In them, St. Thomas recalls Christ's words, "Be ye perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect," and shows you how to fulfill His command in the midst of your everyday duties.

Read and meditate on a few pages when you awaken, before work, or perhaps during a quiet moment after dinner. Do so and you'll soon see the amazing difference it makes in your life: you'll come to love God tenderly, and you'll find it easier to do His will.

Among the many topics in these holy pages:

  • Serenity: how you can attain it (and why it's absolutely essential to the life of every Christian)
  • Your past sins: how to deal with them and then get on with your life
  • Tolerating evil: when it's simply wrong to keep quiet
  • St. Thomas's stern (but wise) warning to parents and priests and to anyone who cares for souls!
  • The one easy thing you can do right now to help you live by God's example
  • You're a forgiving person? Good! Here are two snares to watch out for
  • You go to Mass and say the Rosary daily. But are your intentions pure?
  • St. Thomas helps you decide
  • Two short paragraphs guaranteed to help you learn patience
  • What God promises even the most wretched sinner
  • "God loves everyone just the way he is." Read this book to find out what the truth really is
  • The one attribute of God that offers you consolation even if you're very wicked
  • And much more to help you grow holy, one day at a time!

84 pages. Paperback.

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